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The Trust:

In 1994 Waikato Hospital announced it was closing Te Aroha Hospital and Lawrence House Rest Home.

A public meeting was held and it was decided the Community would take over the facilities and from this a Trust was formed to run the business.

The name of the Trust was Te Aroha and District Health Services Charitable Trust. The official opening of the new venture took place in December 1996.

The Trust employ a Clinical Facility Manager to provide leadership and management of the Facility following the strategic direction of the Trust Board and the standards required of such a facility.

The Trust has enjoyed the financial and voluntary support from the Community who have always supported the Board of Trustees and the staff.

Are you a member of the trust? 

A subscription of only $25.00 per person, per year will assist in ensuring the future of this community facility.

Being a member, you would be supporting one of the town’s greatest assets; entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting; eligible to serve as a Trustee; and able to claim your donation as a tax rebate.

It’s your hospital - we welcome your support.

Why not join today? Give us a ring and we send you a subscription form to complete and return to us or call at Reception on your way out!


For the most up-to-date information on our trust subscription

Contact us directly at     07-884-8519

In partnership with

Te Aroha

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